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College of Saint Catherine

a community for students

Twin Cities
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Welcome to the College of Saint Catherine community on Livejournal. I'm aware there's a similar community, but it seems kind of dead, so I'm starting a new one where I've got a little more power. (Yes, I'm power hungry. So sue me.)

Join, post, meet people, make this your community. Spread the word to other people who go to St. Kates and have fun.

If you're interested in co-moderating, drop me a line.

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood moderator snakedancer

*Note! Advertising your used textbooks is TOTALLY OKAY ON HERE. We all know how freaking expensive those things are and how... well... flawed... the buy-back system can be. So if you've got old textbooks you're itching to get rid of, post them here!